Hi everyone!! I am hoping you will check out this session, Getting started with serverless, from the AWS Community Day Bangladesh presentation.  In the presentation, I cover what is serverless, what is Lambda, and how we can get started!

As you may or may not know, my name is Julie Elkins, and I am an AWS Training Architect at A Cloud Guru. My focus has been more on AWS training, but the more I learn about serverless, the more there is to love and get excited about!!

Serverless is changing the way we build applications. We use serverless here at A Cloud Guru, and we actually started as a totally serverless  based platform.

In this presentation,

  • we break serverless into 4 characteristics
  • we talk about what makes an application serverless
  • we cover 3 different serverless execution models and use cases
  • what is Lambda?
  • we take a deeper dive into Lambda, specifically into logging, monitoring, and security
  • what is an API?
  • what is API Gateway?
  • what are Step Functions?
  • and we cover cost optimization and serverless

I hope you check out the presentation and let me know what you think! 🙂

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