Hi, let’s discuss elasticity and also horizontal and vertical scaling and how we can use them to elevate our performance efficiency. So what is scaling? Well, it is the ability of a system to scale, so increasing or […]
Hi and welcome! Let’s talk about Machine Learning, which is a subnet of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is everywhere these days, so lets see how machine learning works and how it can help you with your data! So […]
What is the brand new AWS SysOps Administrator Associate exam (SOA-C02) all about? I just sat for the new beta AWS Certified SysOps Administrator exam with the added hands-on labs, and it is a great exam with some […]
Hi and welcome to AWS Julie, today I wanted to talk about exam tips for the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam! This is a great exam for anyone working in AWS or in the cloud to make sure […]
Hi everyone!! I am hoping you will check out this session, Getting started with serverless, from the AWS Community Day Bangladesh presentation.  In the presentation, I cover what is serverless, what is Lambda, and how we can get […]
Hi and welcome to AWS Julie, I am Julie, and today we are going to cover how to pass the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam!!   Please remember to share this video with anyone who may be interested, […]
Hi everyone!!! Do you have a plan to move to the cloud or how to manage your hybrid environment? It seems like there is a lot of talk about the cloud, and there are some good use cases […]
Hi and welcome to AWS Julie, I am Julie, and today we are going to take a deep dive into preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate exam and cover the new certification track I created to […]
Hi everyone! I am re-building my site, so please stand by and hopefully I will be adding posts soon!
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