Hi and welcome to AWS Julie, I am Julie, and today we are going to cover how to pass the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam!!  

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I just recently passed this exam back in November of 2020, and, I want to cover what I did and what you can do to pass the exam too! But also remind you to check out the exam guide for the exam because there is some great information to help you get started but also make sure the training course you choose covers the exam domains. And that is really crucial!

 And that leads us to the first step which is always to pick your training; and there are so many courses out there. My favorite of courses are Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru.

I choose to follow Brock Tubre’s and Scott Pletcher’s machine learning course, and I would definitely recommend checking it out! Now I always run through the training course I choose at least twice because I always find, in my second round of the course, that I missed quite a lot in the first round. And then of course I make sure to complete the labs and the practice exams too; but also I have found it is key to use google to take deeper dives in the areas I am struggling with.

And that is actually step two, take that deeper dive into areas you are weaker.  Especially practice questions, make sure you understand why the correct answer is correct, but also why the incorrect answers were wrong.  Usually AWS has two correct answers in the exam, but one of those answers is the better answer.

Step three ties in with step two, and that is to identify key words and phrases that help you choose the best answer.  So may think this is just a technique to pass the exam and not learn the material and that is partly true; however, it is necessary because in the certification exam, you have a time limit to complete the exam, so you need to make sure you are steadily moving through the exam, as well as answering the questions correct.  Key words definitely help in the real world too, because when you receive requirements for new builds, you need to identify what exactly the customer is asking for and key words and phrases help to lock down what is needed both in the real world but also for the exams.

Step four is to get that hands on experience either through labs or in your own environment.  A Cloud Guru actually has a machine learning challenge that will give you the hands on experience but also helps you learn as you complete the challenge.

Step five, is a tip to help when you take the exam. Try to read the exam questions twice to make sure you understand what is being asked. Also make sure you flag any questions that you need extra time to choose the best answer. Sometimes when you flag a question to come back to and continue to move on in the exam, you will discover the answer to that question you were not sure of further along in the exam.

Now for this certification I was really lucky because I have Kesha as a friend and co worker.  We started a machine learning project earlier in the year that was similar to her machine learning challenge that she created for everyone. And getting that hands on experience was crucial to me and helped me pass the certification exam!!  

So please let me know if you are preparing for this exam or if you recently passed this exam. Also I would to hear what you materials and resources you used in your preparations.

And remember to reach out, I am always happy to help!

Thank you for coming by and I hope to see you again soon.

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